Date night



Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

Do you know the feeling where you realize you have been doing nothing but working. To look up and see that the one you love is walking next to you but you’re not really seeing each other because you are too caught up in what’s keeping you busy.

We found ourselves at that exact same spot a few months back. We realized by working so hard, we had lost track of each other and didn’t take enough time to actually enjoy and relax together.

Enter: date night.

We made a tradition to have our ‘date night’ once a week. That doesn’t mean going out every week (we do have two little ones running around as well).

It just means taking one night a week where there is no work, no computer, just us, just love.

It’s not that easy not talking bout work when you work together tough 😉

We went from going out for dinner, watching a movie, just sitting outside looking at the stars and talking to even cook together and have a candle light dinner afterwards.

But this time my boo came up with a brilliant idea: he knows how I love love love the sea, he knows how I love the beach and he knows how I love watching the sunset. So we drove of one night to Cadzand, a beautiful and quiet place in the Netherlands. Knowing my man likes to have his dinner in time I packed up a picnic and threw in a bottle of bubbles as well. In the end we did have something to celebrate right: love. Just a simple four letter word that means so much. Love.

If you feel yourselves too caught up in life, work and all the struggles you come across and get the feeling you’re loosing track of each other, I can recommend ‘Date night’. Just give it a try.

And who knows what kind of romantic things are waiting for you just around the corner 😉


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