Wedding photographer Sint-Niklaas



Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

Kim Linh + Ènes

With a heart constantly jumping of joy I captured this amazing couple’s wedding.

The day kicked off with fireworks, and well… ended with some as well 🙂

Kim Linh simply looked stunning, there are no words to really express how beautiful she was in her gorgeous lace wedding dress and some kick ass Jimmy Choo’s, oh I love my fashionable brides 🙂

And it must be said, Ènes looked very hansom as well. A match made in heaven.

After a small delay at city hall, (too many people getting married on the same popular day) we went to the park for some family pictures, or at least: that was what Kim Linh thought was on the schedule.

Instead Ènes and Limme ( Kim Linh’s best friend and a very energetic and happy person that I liked from the first minute I saw her) organized a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Moved to tears by this she walked down the – with rose petals filled – aisle, with her father on her side. The ceremony was so beautiful, funny, emotional…oh yes, I teared up as well, as usual 🙂

Kim Linh did a great job on choosing the table decoration at the venue Tybeert: a flash of pink between all the white and cream, did I already say that this is my kinda girl?

When the party started, some serious dancing skills showed up, OMG these guys can dance! I had so much fun that I had to force myself to go home. I can definitely say that this party rocked!

Kim Linh & Ènes, every week I get stunned by the amazing people I meet. This week was not different,  I so much enjoyed being part of your day, being part of your amazing group of friends and family.

You both are fabulous, warm and respectful people, and I can wish you nothing more than a lifetime of happiness, love and laughter.

Lots of love,