Wedding photographer Antwerp



Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

Helia + Davor

Not often do we meet a couple who’s story is so similar to ours. Helia and Davor met when she was about 16 years old, they dated for a while, went their separate ways to discover the world, and fell in love all over again after a few years.

And now they are here, promising each other a lifetime commitment.

Their wedding is a lovely combination of two cultures, a perfect mixture of two worlds coming together.

How heartwarming was it when Helia’s father gave her away while making Davor promise to take the best care possible of his daughter. And when the two family’s became one, you could literally feel the love. There were tears of joy, tears of love, but most of all there was lots of laughter and happiness.

As they both really love the city, we went to the Antwerp Cathedral for the wedding shoot. Lucky we were able to take pictures indoors, as outside the wind was making it even colder as the -5° it already was. What a difference with the weather Helia and Davor will be enjoying in only a few weeks.

Yes, this lovely pair is taking it down under, as they will be moving there shortly.

Helia and Davor, as we always are, we were honored to be there and witnessing the love between you guys. It’s obvious there’s a lifetime of fun and laughter ahead of you guys.

We wish you lots of happy years together, a few baby kangaroos ( haha 😉 ), and lots of beautiful landscapes.

Lots of love,

carina + david

Photo location Antwerp Cathedral / Venue Salons Magnus