Our 8th wedding anniversary



Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

It has been 8 years, 8 hectic, busy, loving, sometimes sad, sometimes hard, but most of all, 8 wonderful years since the day we said our own ‘I do’s’.

So much has happened in that time. The birth of our two beautiful sons, our house that we bought and carefully renovate one step at a time to make it completely how we want it to be, new  people we met, unfortunately also people we lost. Travels, trips, dinners, meetings with family and friends, good decisions, bad decisions… And last but not least, starting our own business, which turned to be a very good decision, as we love doing what we do.

To celebrate it the right way, I booked a surprise weekend including a Love shoot with the fabulous Anouschka Rokebrand.

Now you must know, I’m terrible at keeping secrets, especially from David, as we are used talking bout everything to each other. So no surprise there, I told him two weeks before what we were gonna do. The upside of that was that we both could look forward to our little romantic getaway.

We had an amazing time, enjoyed each other’s company, the beautiful city we were in, great food, the sunset by the sea…

I feel so blessed being married to my best friend, my rock, my shelter… As every couple, we’ve had our struggles in life, but we always seem to get out stronger on the other side, still reaching out for each other’s hand.

We can only wish that all the weddings we capture turn out in the same amazing adventure we’ve been living and are still living in.

We wish that all of our couples get to experience how it feels living, loving, and laughing together.

And that in 8 years they can still be as happy as we are.

Lots of love,

carina + david