Mentor Session

Having attended workshops ourselves, we realized that in a group session it can be hard to get that one on one attention and individualized instruction that benefits you the most. For this reason, we started doing one-on-one mentoring sessions at our studio in Sint-Niklaas, or should we say, two-on-one.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can benefit from these mentoring sessions?


Photographers who are trying to get their photography business to the next level as well as beginning photographers, just starting up their business. We can address things like pricing structure, portfolio building or even have a look at your current website and go through your portfolio together.


What is the cost of a mentor session?


We will have half day (3 hours) and full day (7 hours) mentoring sessions available. Additional hours can be scheduled upon request.

Half day mentor session (3 hours) €300
We can cover questions you might have in regards to branding, camera settings, lighting situations, or go for a mini-shoot together where we explain you step by step what we are doing in regards to posing and interacting with your clients during a shoot.

Full day mentor session (7 hours) €700
During the first half of the day, we will go for a mini-shoot together and explain you step by step what we are doing during the shoot. After lunch, we will post-process the pictures we took that morning, and cover topics such as culling your images, editing, branding, website, SEO… Ow yeah, lunch is on us!


How do I register for a mentor session?


Use the button below to register for a mentor session. We will pick a date that’s most convenient for you! Sessions can either be in English or in Dutch.



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