What is a love shoot or pre-wedding?

A love shoot or prewedding is a photoshoot prior to your wedding. This way, you can 'practice' in front of our camera.

 Love shoot in Oostende

Love shoot in Oostende

This way you can get used to the way we work, and you will feel more comfortable on your wedding day.

A love shoot or prewedding is usually done in a casual outfit, but can also be done in your wedding attire.

The pictures of your love shoot or pre wedding can be used for your guest book, wedding invitations or a present for your parents or wedding guests.

Are you getting married abroad, and you are planning a prewedding in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels or another city in Europe? We shoot preweddings accross the globe.

Once your pre-wedding pictures are ready, we put them in an online gallery where you can download them.

Our prewedding packages start from €325 for 1 to 1.5 hours. Do you want to book your love shoot or prewedding? Contact us!