Being pregnant is something you will only experience a few times in your life, or maybe even once. That little miracle growing inside of you, truly feels like magic. It is a special moment in life for you and your partner. Soon your little family will grow. I’m there to capture this transitional moment for you, the moment in between.

The perfect time to have your maternity pictures captured is around the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy. At that point you as a woman are at your best, your belly is showing but is not too big yet. You are still able to move around comfortably and the inconveniences you start experiencing in the last few weeks of pregnancy haven’t kicked in yet.

Same as with newborn photography I prefer a very personal and pure approach for my maternity photography. Real raw emotions, few props, just real moments.

A maternity photoshoot can take place on any location of choice, in the comfort of your own home or a combination of our studio and a location close to the studio. A maternity boudoir photoshoot or combination of both is also possible.