We are always so keen to capture life’s big moments. A birth, a wedding, birthday’s,… But what about the small moments? The moments in between?

We tend to forget to capture those moments as well. Sure, we all take a million pictures with our smartphones. But what about the real deal?

Your kids make you proud, drive you crazy and wrap you around their little fingers and they can do all that in just one day. Every age has it’s own particular charming moments. From the first steps to first words to a first bike ride and everything after that, we love seeing our kids grow into the person they will become some day. I love capturing all these different phases in their lives. Moments you want to remember forever as they grow up too fast.

The everyday life you live, poured into long lasting memories. Your kids interacting, you as a family enjoying a fun time. Like a long walk in the woods, a lovely day at the beach, or just you as a family playing games at home. The options are endless.

Because I want to photograph real moments, family portraits can only be taken on location.