Fifties wedding Antwerp



Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

Nikki + Tim

Note to self: I LOVE themed weddings 🙂

Nikki and Tim’s big day took us back to the fifties, the years of high up hairdo’s, polka-dot dresses, and classic cars. To say it in your words Nikki and Tim, we were madly in love with your wedding 🙂

For the wedding shoot we went to the Antwerp Airport, and we could even use a real stampe as our own personal background, LOVE!

After a few more shots and some family pictures near the venue, it was time for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. You guys, really, could you make it any more emotional? Hello tears in my eyes and watery view 🙂

The dress code for the party was of course: fifties style 🙂 And I must say the guests took it above and beyond, fifties it was.

Were do we begin to say how we enjoyed each and every minute of your day, the clothing, the setting, the concept, and of course you two and your families. What an amazing bunch of people that made us feel at home 🙂

Nikki and Tim, we were honored, delighted, smitten-ed (is that even a word 🙂 ), and most of all grateful for being your wedding photographers!

Still Madly In Love!

carina + david

Venue The Mansion of the Dragons