Wedding photographer Niel

March 16th, 2013

Annelies + Cliff

When a pilot and a flight attendant get married and the backdrop for their wedding shoot is the airport, private jet included, you know you’re in for an awesome wedding day.

Annelies and Cliff made their wedding very personal. What they both love was being added in every little part of the day. Add some love and a stunning bride and groom and the day becomes close to perfect.

While last year around this time it was warm enough to have a barbecue, this year it’s still freezing and snowing. We packed up really warm but to avoid getting cold. But our bride who couldn’t do that stood brave and shined even-tough the air was thick with snow and it was freezing close to -2°C.
As a gift to Cliff, Annelies asked a friend to fly over the venue. He did some crazy loops that made me feel sick in the stomach just by looking at it, but it was an amazing spectacle. Cliff’s face was sparkling with delight.

Annelies and Cliff, your wedding day was beyond our expectations, and we can’t stop smile thinking back at it. The cold couldn’t kill the love between the two of you or stop you from shining.We loved every second of it!



Venue: Hof van Reyen 

Make-up Artist: Sylvie Verhassel