Wedding photographer Assenede

Julie + Michael

We started of with a little twist at this wedding. Instead of the traditional way to go, Julie went to pick up her groom. I love it when couples make the day their own.

Julie was a vision in lace. she wore the most stunning dress, and her mother’s own wedding veil. How great is that! Guess you can say it was her something borrowed.

After we set them up for their first look (I just love when couples decide to see each other the first time like that), we drove off to the city hall of Assenede, a contemporary building int he middle of green, which made it the perfect spot for some family portraits.

The sky was grey all day and raindrops threatened to fall down on us, but fortunately they held back till the wedding shoot was over. We had plenty of time to take pictures, and we had loads of fun in that time.

Julie and Michaël were naturals, the love and smiles on their faces are so real. They really are in love, more than words can explain, and it shows when you see them together. It was a blessing being able to capture that.

The wedding ceremony was filled with tears of joy and laughter. Their family put the ceremony together, so they were clueless about what to expect. But seeing the expression on their faces, they couldn’t have been more thrilled about how it went.

We closed off their day at the beautiful venue ‘Het Godshuis‘.

Julie and Michaël, you guys are a perfect match, made for each other. Your love is so obvious and so wonderful to witness.

We had such fun and felt so blessed being your wedding photographers. Thanks for the trust you’ve put in us, capturing your wedding day!

Lots of love,

carina + david