Boudoir / a sense of sensuality



Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

I truly believe that every woman has a natural beauty. And that every woman is naturally beautiful. Different maybe yes, but nevertheless, stunning in their own kinda way.

However so many women feel bad about their-self, too tall, not tall enough, the wrong hair color, the wrong clothing size… But who gets to decide what is right? Who gets to decide what is beautiful?

Because I want to show every woman she can be gorgeous, I took on women’s photography. Hoping to at least make a few women feel better bout their-self. To let them embrace who they really are.

  Sylvie is a very dear friend of mine, we’re both celebrating our birthday on the same day so how could we not get along 😉 But most of all, she gets me, she’s doing the same thing as me in her very own way. She is a make-up artist, and a very good one too. She makes women feel beautiful too. 

But this time around it was her turn to shine in front of the camera. We had an afternoon filled with fun, laughter, and lots of ‘girl talk’, but we enjoyed every minute of it. And it resulted in a beautiful, elegant and stylish boudoir portrait. That I had to wait (and wait and wait) to share with you as it was also a suprise to her birthday boyfriend 😉

  I like to call my portraits a ‘female touch’, but it’s not quite the name yet I’d like it to have, that expresses what it stands for. So you can still expect some changes in that area 😉

  For now, let the pictures speak for themselves.

  And if you are a woman, dying to embrace yourself in front of the camera, or wanting to surprise your hubby(-to-be), feel free to drop me an email.

  Happy Monday!




can u plz dress me in the same dress.. loved it but found same at

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