What is boudoir photography?



Revealed by Carina

Boudoir photography is popular in North America, and is slowly getting popular in Europe.

Boudoir photography is more than getting into your lingerie in front of the camera. It's being able to get out of your confort zone...

You might become a wife soon. Someday soon you’ll maybe become a mom.

Today you are the girl, the woman that is on the verge of making a change in your life.

Why not celebrate who you are now before you become the one you will be.

True beauty starts on the inside, and lights a spark that burns on the outside.


Boudoir photography

by Carina for Revealed

There’s something magical about a woman in love. A woman ready to spend the rest of her life with the one man that makes her knees feel weak when he kisses her, who makes her heart jump of joy when they walk hand in hand.

I love capturing that magic. A celebration of the female awareness.Every woman is beautiful, in her own special way. And it’s that something special that I like to capture in these sessions, in a romantic and elegant setting.

Are you getting married soon and would you like to give your future husband a wedding gift to never forget? Or maybe you have an anniversary coming up or another occasion that asks for a special gift?

Or maybe, you just wanna embrace the woman you are.

Feel free to send me an email for further information on boudoir photography and bookings. We can book sessions at your place or a nice hotel room somewhere in Belgium or the Netherlands. We do prefer booking boudoir sessions during the day, so we can use natural light. We don’t like using flash lights for boudoir photography. Feel free to check out our boudoir photography website.

Every boudoir session comes with professional makeup and styling.