We are Carina + David. Plus, because we complement each other, plus because you can't imagine one without the other. Plus because we add extra value to each others lives.
We are husband and wife, happily married for almost sixteen years and more in love every day. We have four beautiful sons that mean the world to us and make our lives even better.

More about us...

We enjoy being surrounded by our friends and family and having a quiet breakfast together at our favourite coffee bar on Mondays when the kids are at school, to unwind from a busy weekend.
When we’re not busy capturing love on weekends, David can be found behind his turntables or wandering around at classic car meetings... Boys and their toys…
Carina likes reading a good book while holding a latte in her other hand. Together with her bestie, she likes blogging about her unplugged life as a mum.

We love photography because we think there’s no better feeling than to witness the love between two people, no better feeling than capturing the thousands of emotions that are being exchanged between loved ones. No better feeling than to see our couples faces lit up when they get to see their images. No better feeling than receiving notes and emails that say: you captured us in an unforgettable way.
We love meeting new people and travelling the globe, and feel blessed that in our profession, we get to live our dreams. Our work has taken us to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Normandy, Provence, Tuscany and Mallorca…


photography ° editing ° album designs ° social media

Besides taking pictures, Carina is also in charge of editing, album design and keeping the social media up to date. Although photography is her first love, she also blogs about motherhood and her kitchen trials and errors. A creative multitasker that loves to work on several projects. But by far, the men in her life are her number one.

Carina, fotograaf, editor
David, photographer at Carina + David


photographer ° filmmaker

David makes both pictures and videos. He keeps the website up to date and the business turning with his extended knowledge and love for numbers. Together with Carina he also runs his own website where you can find anything company related, from webdesign to promotion videos and social media management. A multi talented man with a great passion for his family.



Once a bride in front of our camera, now this lovely lady joins our team when the wedding workload gets too much for just the two of us. She helps us capture all the lovely moments with great passion and love.

Nelleke, photographer