Carina + David, picture by Yeliz Atici

Carina + David, picture by Yeliz Atici

About Carina and David

We are Carina + David. Plus, because we complement each other, plus because you can't imagine one without the other. Plus because we add extra value to each others lives. 

We are husband and wife, happily married for almost twelve years and more in love every day. We have two beautiful sons that mean the world to us and make our lives even better.

We love photography because we think theres no better feeling than to witness the love between two people, no better feeling than capturing the thousands of emotions that are being lived on a wedding day. No better feeling than to see our couples faces lit up when they get to see their wedding images.

No better feeling than receiving notes and emails that say: you made our wedding day an unforgettable memory.
We love meeting new people and travelling the globe, and feel blessed that in our profession, we get to live our dreams. 

We value family and friendship. 

We believe that our pictures are our contribution to make this world a little prettier. We are not just into photography, we live photography. We eat, breathe and love it.

We love being in love. And we love capturing love.


Features on wedding blogs and magazines

Our work has been featured on leading blogs and magazines such as Magnolia Rouge, The Pretty Blog, French Wedding Style, HochzeitswahnBruid & Bruidegom...


To give our clients all of our undivided attention, we only take on a limited amount of weddings each year. To book us, a 25% retainer and a signed contract is required.